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Calidad de Software | 2 min de lectura

Clutch Crowns Ehecatl as Mexico’s 2021 Leading App Developer /

Administrador Ehecatl | 2021-11-22 17:18:23

Ehecatl was recently considered as top Mexican B2B company in Clutch’s widely anticipated 2021 awards!.

Located in the heart of Boca del Rio, Mexico, Ehecatl is a multi-award-winning technology company that provides software, mobile app, and services related to the innovation consulting in México and abroad. Since our inception, our main goals have always been to help companies in logistics, legal, manufacturing, and other industries gain traction.

We are doers, and as doers, we know that there is always an easy and fast way to do things, software is one of the tools we use to provide that way. As a transformation initiative for organizations innovation comes not only with software but a strategy, that if there is not a clear vision where we are, there is a great probability that we can fall down in the path. Here is where Ehecatl can help.

If you are not aware where or when to start a software innovation project, or maybe you have your own strategy, and you want to decrease all possible risks, that is our expertise.

In honor of our impact, we’re incredibly proud to announce that Ehecatl was recently considered as top Mexican B2B company in Clutch’s widely anticipated 2021 awards!. This award confirms our commitment to our clients and also our continuous contribution that we make in the technological field in our region, helping our clients to optimize their resources, but also in helping them to make improvements.

Clutch is an independent B2B review and market resource platform designed to help browsers connect with the most trusted service providers. Every year, the platform takes a moment to celebrate the brilliance and dedication of the top B2B companies.

Considering the criteria for these awards, it’s a huge honor for us to be part of the leaders’ list! We’re proud to be recognized as Mexico’s top-performing mobile app developers for 2021!

“We are very glad to better perform our services nearshore and position our company as one our the top best in Mexico!” — Chief Executive Officer of Ehecatl

Of course, we can’t celebrate this moment without fully recognizing those who made this possible for us — our clients! Thanks to their phenomenal reviews on Clutch, we’ve been regarded as one of the best. We couldn’t be more honored!

Ehecatl developed a high-quality app, pleasing the client and their users. The app already has several thousand users and an impressive retention rate. The team is attentive and easy to reach, resulting in a strong partnership — CEO Film Makers Hub.

“We had complications when we had to migrate to their servers, as the company we were working with before wasn’t providing us with the codes and other information we needed. Ehecatl responded very well to this. They did a great job and managed to solve this very efficiently.” — Manager, Clean & Fixed

Bring your ideas to life! Get in touch with us and let’s get down to business. Ehecatl is stoked to hear from you.

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