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BAIC México, is a mobile app that behaves like a personal assistant for customers who purchased a car with the company, which facilitates customer service and optimization of the programming of operations that involve offering a quality service and continuous improvement.​
-Dashboard totally user friendly, that make easy to use the app. ​ -The user can consult all the appointments about verification or maintenance and assurance info, in the information section, which allows accessibility to BAIC services ​ -In order to optimize the scheduling of appointments for maintenance and service, the user can schedule them and activate reminders directly from the App.
-The user have direct access to BaicAssist, from the mobile app, which make easy the user experience and get the attention that they need. ​ -Improve the customer relationship, due to the appointments and requests from the clients are register in a base date, and the company can use that information for the marketing strategies. ​ -With this app, the company centralize all the information about the customer needs, in order to offer them services and new releases in a direct and personalize way
Throught the APP the users has access to: ​ - Information about their car ​ - Appointment and reminders ​ - BAIC Concierge; Elite service that helps the clients make reservations, purchases or deliveries from, taxi service, reservations at restaurants, hotels, flights or events, car rental for travel, purchase and delivery of gifts or parcels.​ - News and promotions