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On-demand Software

  • Analysis, development, implementation and maintenance of business applications.

  • Development of innovation from software.

  • Development of software from the receipt of information obtained from Business Processes.

  • The automation of decisions using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technology.

New challenges on this digital era can be solved through innovation, this is important to maintain continuous growth and optimization of business resources. Digital transformation allows to grow rapidly, communication more effectiveness between stakeholders and better comprehension of the market.

In order to take advantage of computing power, a software platform that includes all the organizational requirements or measurable Systematic Solutions (BPM) is required to exploit communication and efficiency to the maximum. Software is a means, which with the help of our consultants can help you in the development of solutions that best suit the solution you need to undertake.

Mobile Apps

According to Gartner 384 million smartphones were sold in the first 2018 quarter, and the trend continues to rise. This causes the market to demand more services through mobile solutions. More than 2.8 million apps on Google Play and 2.2 million apps on the App Store were available at the end of March 2017. Going mobile is not a choice, is the new way of living.

The advantages that an organization can have in order to communicate with its internal or external customers through mobile tools is strikingly versatile; the continuity of business in some sectors can be determined by the degree of adaptability that is had with this technology and the use of systems in the cloud. Here are listed some use cases, where mobile technology can be used to enhance the business process:
1. Retail.
Implement mobile devices for tracking merchandise, mobile points of sale or simply an interface of the central inventory towards an e-commerce.
2. Manufacturing.
Generate real-time reports on production, installed capacity, inventory management, logistics and delivery follow-up.
3. Oil & Gas.
Telemetry applications for decision-making, acquisition and delivery of data from the work field, monitoring of operational variables, analysis and automatic exploitation of information through visual reports and personalized indicators.
4. Construction.
Survey of requirements, management of resources in foreign and local works, inventory of equipment and personnel management.
5. Legal.
Safekeeping of official documents under the coding best practices of the e-signature, digital circumstantial records and signature of acknowledgments.

One of the most important factors to be noticed if we want that our software solution became successful is how the user experience the software. For creating intuitive interfaces we must ask: What type of user will be using the software?; What kind of platforms?; What is the technical language used?; Is the proposed interface clear?; Does the interface have options for deviations?; What is the tolerance that the user has?; Does the user count for a feedback mechanism?.To answer all these questions, we need techniques and good practices UX and UI oriented, decreasing the gap of dissatisfaction.


The usability and accessibility, aligned to the purpose of software, is very important to be taken for the development of new software solutions, for this good practices of User Experience (UX) and user interface design (UI) are used.

Although solutions in the cloud are very versatile and agile, it is important to take into account that not all processes are viable to migrate to the cloud. To do this, we must first identify what is the critical level of the processes and determine which are relevant to migrate.

Cloud solutions, although they can be a very practical and agile solution, must be taken under a well-defined plan that involves a disaster response plan, a migration plan, a technology transition plan, among others.

If your organization currently needs to communicate different processes or commercial departments effectively, need to migrate a desktop system to a new web software so that it can be acces through browser or require a middleware to communicate between legacy sercers and mobile. The Cloud is the best solution you can use for your digital transformation.

Cloud Solutions

If you have a digital strategy and want to speed up the implementation process, or that you plan to expand or migrate the existing infrastructure Cloud Solutions are the best option for you. At Ehecatl® we can help you on the right selection of the platform that best suits your needs, solutions such as PAS, SAS, BPM, among others.

Business Analysis (BA)

Business analysis is the practice of allowing change in a company by defining needs and recommending solutions that add value to stakeholders. Business analysis allows companies to articulate the needs and reasons for change, design and describe solutions that can offer value.

According to some analysts, 80% of software developments fail, this to a greater extent, because there was no detailed analysis of software requirements.

Finding the balance between: “what is asked” with “what is needed” and “what is viable”, is a task up to artistic, for this, it requires experienced consultants in the development of software projects with knowledge of Good practices in business analysis, information modeling and business architecture.

Business analysis involves tasks such as:
-Requirement of requirements
-Analysis and design of requirements
-Analysis of the strategy, evaluation of the solution.

All the previous tasks are interconnected to an initial business strategy and have to be carefully coordinated so that the new solutions if they generate value and the return on investment ROI is lower.

Support and Maintenance

Keeping the due diligence of the physical infrastructure and software in an organization can take more time than necessary. Take into account security, deployments of new solutions, updates, migrations, etc. It can take away the attention of what corresponds to the core business of the company. At Ehecatl® we can help you to maintain information technologies under a defined service agreement, reducing risk and unnecessary expenses by hiring a customized service.

The support services we can offer are adapted to each client’s needs, some of the services where we can support it are:

- Help Desk for computer equipment and infrastructure
- Remote assistance
- Support and remote monitoring of infrastructure in the cloud
- Service availability guarantee “SAS” “PAS”
- Security of the information
- Backup and storage of private data
- Migration service
- Automation on a DRP (Dissaster Recovery Plan).
- End user service on software platforms or services.