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Ehecatl CRM /

Organize, control and monitor your sales from the palm of your hand

Business mobility

Ehecatl CRM, innovation in every step


Learn about the benefits of CRM Ehecatl for your company:

  • Inform your team quickly and correctly
  • Increase the level of collaboration
  • Timely follow-up
  • Portability
  • Efficiency in sending information
  • Security of the information


Know what it can give you:

  1. Lead and contact management
  2. Sales cycle activities, adapted to the business or economic sector
  3. Import of prospects via Excel
  4. Opportunities to positionate your products or services
  5. Quotation generation
  6. Assignment of executives or account sellers
  7. Activity monitoring
  8. Sales Reports
  9. System User Management
  10. Supports English and Spanish language