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Maquiver has a mobile app, aimed at the company’s workers. It’s help them to optimize the operation through digitalization and automation of the process in order to improve the productivity by means of access to MRP system modules, from a mobile device. ​
Main features
Main features
- It has a fast and clear interface to capture data.
- Drop quotes and work orders instantly and synchronize the information with other areas.​
- Facilitates the organization of logistics activities.​
- Real-time access to check changes in activities and inventory.​
- Inspection guidelines: Update to print PDI codes on handhelds.​
- Easy control over the quotes organized by date, products, name of the applicant, status and description of the type and time of delivery or service distribution.​
- Information that is updated at the time to provide the seller with the specifications that must be mentioned to the customer.​
- Order and control to guarantee the existence of supplies and determine production times.​ ​
- It includes all the necessary specifications for the service to be performed.​
- Saving time through the registration system that allows timely monitoring of requests made by the customer.​
- Digitization of documents that allows the efficiency of operational areas. ​
- Real-time access to the data and status of the work order.​