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Verificaciones del país /

Verificaciones del país, has two mobile apps that allow it to serve internal and external customers as well, in a timely manner in order to provide a better service and optimize the verification processes.​
Business Process​
-Application that allows integrating various business processes related to electrical, gas, tank, etc. verifications.​ -The user can create service orders, specify times and status.​ -Among the principal functions are to capture customer data, service data and the verifier, who can add comments.
-The company increases the efficiency of the verifications, keeping control of the number of services performed on the day and by date.​ -Integration and registration of activities to improve the flow of communication.
-The app, allows the user to control and decide the daily, monthly or specific air conditioning cost of electricity.​ -Notifies about the AA consumption limit for VDP customer.​ -Consumption graphs are generated to know which days or when the most air conditioning is being consumed.​ -The user can configure the mode and temperature of the AA, from his cell phone
This tool allows you to control and measure electricity consumption to take measures in order to reduce the carbon footprint.