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Monitor your sales in real-time

Transparency in your business

EH POS, custom-made for you


Offline capable

Download the initial catalogs and work without an internet connection; The system synchronizes in the background without affecting the workflow as soon as it has a stable connection.

Real-time sales monitoring

Observe sales information in the moment it happens, filtering by point or all active points of sale.

Availability on tactile devices

Easy-to-use menu design on both, conventional and tactile devices.

Improve the relationship between your business and your customers

Create a detailed catalog of your frequent customers, their purchase history and their recurring products.

Centralization of sales information

Availability of all the information of your points of sale in a comprehensive, simple and complete dashboard.

User Permission System

Decide what scope each user has in the system by granting permissions for the different modules of EH POS.


Know what it can give you:

  1. Cloud-based management
  2. Sales report charts
  3. Multi-user system
  4. Partial payments
  5. Frequent customer catalog
  6. Sales report by branch, point of sale, by customer or cashier balance
  7. Operational cost management

What is a Cloud-based Point of Sale?

A cloud-based point of sale is the one that makes use of a remote server to process transactions and store the sales data.